I am an Polical Artist and have moved to area that look’s like it is run down but as an Artist I see it in very  different light. At the end of my road I see a view of Pendle Hill most of the house do not see the veiw as there house face sideways this is how the houses were build in the Victoian time. This is something that can be change over time it just the council to have a plan.

When I moved into the area I got talking to the local people and with a very short space of time, I was hearing thing’s that was happened in the local council and I had a meeting with the head of the council officers about what I had been told by more than one person. As yet I have not had a replay : To a member of the public being able to talk the council staff and getting the ok when it should have been run past the local councils who we vote for .

This is one on my reason I want to run as a local councilor in 2014

There is a word that sums up what has been going on gerrymandering


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