GM crop’s growing in the wild

In 1998 a report was publish for the UK Goverment that went on to ban GM crops and any part of the GM plant. Over the years comapny’s have over come this by mixing the two together.

In 1998 I wrote to say the worry would be the GM crops would breed with the wild flower which were told this would not happen. But as you can se by a report publish in 2013 they have.

We were lied to and now the company should be had accountable and find pay back the money they have been getting from people who the say have infrieged on there copyright . How can people infrieger on there copyright when the plants are going in the wild. There has been a very big cover up and they need to be taken to a court in front of a judge as they have known about this for over 17 years and been able to get away with it   

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It better to get in torch with on facebook

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Running for local Inderpenant Councilor

In 2014 I hope to run as a local Interpenant councilor, In my area we has the first B.N.P member . The area is very far right. When I was talking to the local council a few week ago they looked at me as if I was from another planted. Yet in the South East a lot of local council have Interpenant . I have been talking to the local people about running as an Interpenant and they quite like the idea.

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